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Date: 2006-11-26 18:22:26 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] YOU HAVE ONLY 4 DAYS

You have only 4 days to be able to use the information on this OLD (Smartgroups) location of the FHL to help you join us at the new location.
Orange which purchased Smartgroups is dissolving it and using the assets for other ventures, so on the 30th all of Smartgroups will go away.


There is NOT any easy way for membership to be transferred and Yahoo has a strict limit on how many people can be invited on any day.

It is SIMPLE, and the Yahoo lists and individual posts are both easy to use. Just remember with that the default setting is individual mails so be sure to set yourself to DIGEST to avoid a lot of mail arriving.

Also when using the enhanced digests on Yahoo (which are very nice) be sure to click on the appropriate buttons under any post to which you want to reply in order to do so. If you just hit "reply" on your email program that will bounce.

Here is how to join at the new location:

Hello from Mike Janke, Pam Sessoms, Sukie Crandall, Troy Lynn Eckart, and Bruce Williams, the moderators of the Ferret Health List.


To join, click on the joining link at and then follow the directions.

OR just send a blank mail to the automated joining address: and then follow the directions.

Ferret Health List New Address:

FHL Complete Archives:

Smartgroups, the current FHL host, is permanently closing at the end of November, and all Smartgroups sites will disappear at that time.

Join the FHL at its new location now so that you won't miss out! The moderators have been hard at work moving and updating files, photos, and links, so all of the old content should still be available at the new Yahoo Groups site. Messages will continue to be added to the FHL complete archives as well.

Membership at the new address will NOT be automatically transferred. You do need to join, but joining is easy, so do not let that worry you.

As before, the FHL Rules can be found in the Files Section of the website, and many ferret health and behavior specific resources are on-site in Files, Links, and Albums.

SMARTGROUPS CLOSURE –Unfortunately SmartGroups will be closing on 30th November 2006. Please click here for further details
If you want to share pictures, use the calendar, or start a vote

To leave the group, email:

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