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From: "Mary Jo"
Date: 2006-12-13 10:36:13 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Pecan
To: <>

Hi JAckie,

Thanks for all of your advice. I did mention a few of your ideas to the vet when we went in. Here is an update that I will post to the fml later. Please keep him in your prayers and cyber hugs are always loved. thanks for caring and sharing, with love, Mary JO and Pecan

Okay. Here is an update on Pecan. The red itchy ferret I was desperate for help for I posted about a few days ago. I want to thank all of you that responded to my pleas for all the absolutely wonderful responses that I received and also the prayers. Please keep up the prayers as we are no where near out of the woods.

I will try and forward this with additional notes to all you who answered me but if I miss you please accept this as one great big THANK YOU!

He went in to UC Davis today. Here is partially what they put on his discharge papers and then I will list his meds.

Presented for intense itchiness and redness. Physical exam revealed crusting and redness over entire body. Skin scrapings negative. Swap for ear mites negative. Tape cytology of the skin and ears revealed moderate numbers of bacteria and yeast. Do to Pecan's clinical signs of intense itchiness, crusty feet, and papillary red eruptions we strongly suspect sarcoptic mange as the primary problem with secondary bacterial and yeast infections.

(my words) they tried to find the mange but after 5 scrapings decided they would just treat for it even though they couldn't find it. If this turns out to not be it, then next item down the list of possibilities that it could be, isn't good. They completely eliminated the idea of an allergy. I thought that was what it would turn out to be, but I was wrong.

Here are his meds- one good thing is that the Baytril that he started 9 days ago was the right antibiotic, hurray! So, he will continue that for 3 more weeks and we are now going to add 5.5 cc of lactated ringers to it so it won't be so caustic. They are taking him off of the pred over the next 14 days. Added Fluconazole for the yeast infection. Reducing the benadryl down to 0.25 cc 2 x a day. Way down from the 1 cc every 6 hours he was on. Added a bath with Malaseb 2 times a week. He is gonna love me. Revolution for him and his roommate every 2 weeks for 4 treatments. The rest in the house will need to be treated if he responds. That means I will need a total of 44 kitten size bottles of revolution so if anybody knows of a cheap way of getting this please let me know. I talked to the shelter about perhaps being able to help as most here are fosters. Right now they just can't. I know why. They have had 5 surgeries in 5 weeks. So, any ideas that way would be welcomed.

The hospital was really great. They spent about 2 hours working on him. They are going to send me a copy of the pictures they took if anybody is interested. About 6 students and 4 "higher ups" for lack of a better description came to see him. We were in the dermatology department for most of the stuff.

Please keep Pecan in your thoughts and prayers and I will keep you guys updated as well as things hopefully progress forward, With Love, MJB (Mary Jo)

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From: Jackie DeCarlo<>
Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 8:04 PM
Subject: [ferrethealth] Pecan

I really don't have any advise because I have no idea but I do want to
send prayers to both you and Pecan... just a thought...I know you
said he had one adrenal removed but could it be possible the vet
couldn't find the other one and Pecan can be having Addison's
symptoms? I had a ferret named Peanut who had a left adrenal removed
and my vet was very worried since he couldn't see the right one that
she go Addison and sure enough a week later she started acting
strange, laying around, not eating or drinking, chills, vomiting,
scratching (but no rash, etc...after rushing her to the emergency vet
they have her a shot of percorten (sp?) and Pred and she came out of
it...but she had to take this for about 6 months ..also I have heard
that a short time after adrenal surgery some ferrets will start to
itch and develope a rash, fever and act really sick because not all
the adrenal was removed.. I read this on the FHL .. I sure hope you
are able to find out what is wrong with Pecan, it is sooooo hard
having a fuzzy that is ill and not knowing how to make them feel
better......please take care and sending tons of cyber hugs and


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