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From: "Jeff"
Date: 2006-11-10 14:11:35 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Insulin/Blood Glucose levels
To: <>

Hello To All:

I wrote recently about our 4 year old male Neo, who we believed has insulinoma. We took him for an ultrasound on Tuesday, at which time he also had a blood test for insulin and BG levels. Well, the ultrasound found an 8.7 mm tumor that appears to be on the pancreas, as well as a slightly enlarged left adrenal gland, and the blood test came back at levels of 196 for insulin and 30 for blood glucose. I think it's pretty clear now that Neo does have insulinoma. My questions for the group would be these, and any advice or suggestions are very much appreciated:

1) What would 'normal' levels of insulin be, and does 196 indicate that the insulinoma may be far along in its progression?

2) Is there any way of knowing or making an educated guess from the levels of 196 and 30 whether or not the 8.7 mm tumor would probably be the primary cause of the insulinoma, or whether there is also a good chance that he has many smaller tumors in the pancreas. I would be more inclined to choose surgery for him if I believed it was the tumor that was the primary culprit.

3) A few days ago I started adding some brewers yeast powder to his 'gruel', as I had read in a couple of places that it is high in chromium and does a good job of regulating BG and insulin levels. We have noticed a big difference in his energy level since then. He had been lethargic and weak most of the time, but since adding the brewers yeast he is now playful more often than not. However, he does still get the shakes when he comes out of his cage. Has anyone else had experience with brewers yeast, and if so, should I expect the improvement to be only temporary? His gruel consistest of: Totally Ferret kibble, sent through a food processor, with some Uncle Jim's Duk Soup Mix, FerretVite, Slippery Elm bark powder (for his ulcers), and the recently added brewers yeast. We add water and mix it all up, then heat it slightly in a microwave. Neo is eating heartily about 5 times a day, and his stools and urine are regular and good. He continues at the same levels of azium (.5 ml daily) and proglycem (diazoxide, 50 mg/ml, .8 ml given daily), as well as amoxicillin and carafate for his ulcers.

Thanks very much for any insights or suggestions.

Jeff and Neo

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