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From: "Sukie Crandall"
Date: 2006-11-11 00:02:41 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Re: Grey Patches on Skin

1. I suspect that your idea of fur regrowth is probably spot-on, but watch=
for signs of dermal
problems, and as long as the ferret may be seeing the vet for a respiratory=
infection that can
be checked, too.

2. Ferrets don't get colds which are caused by rhinoviruses. (Don't take =
my word for it look
in resources like past posts from ferret veterinary pathology expert, Dr. B=
ruce Williams.)

They DO get some more serious types of infections we can carry. Influenza =
and bacterial
sinus infections are among them. For the latter the vet will prescribe ant=
ibiotics and
sometimes will for the first due to fear of secondary bacterial infection. =
For influenza I
suggest looking at the archives but usually it is a matter or waiting while=
treating the
symptoms somtimes. One caution: a NUMBER of teh Over the Counter meds whi=
ch are find
for humans with influenza are dangerous and even fatal poisons for ferrets =
so don't give