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From: "Florence Love"
Date: 2007-11-08 17:54:38 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Ear Infection

Long story below to use as a reference -- Would like to know what
oral antibiotic is recommended with Tresaderm. Tresaderm has been
used continually after cleaning Bear's ears for over a month, and
still swollen under ear area, and was crusty with dried gunk on
outside of ear this AM. Would like some ideas before going to the
vet this week.

Florence Love
(sorry for the long story below -- tried to cover all areas so
response can be easier)

A bit of history on Bear (+5 yrs old) had teeth cleaned in March
with his other two siblings. In a week, Bear was acting strange and
other two weren't eating like normal. Took Bear and others to vet,
and diagnosed with upper respiratory infection. No one had visited
my home, and none of my family members had flu/respiratory
infection. Vet agreed it came from their office. We started
antibiotics, etc. All three got better, rest of kids didn't get

But Bear never really was back to himself. Soon after Symposium,
Bear wasn't being himself, very sluggish with back legs. He has
insulinoma, so vet said to up to 1/2 tablet of 1 mg Pred twice day.
After a couple of weeks, I was totally worried because he is still
eating well, but doing the swimming walk and not getting out of his
pee. I have 7 ferrets, and there was one spot that was extremely
green where they have peed (knew it was a boy, by location of poop!)

Sat AM fed gravy (really watered, like usual and Bear was looking
bad. Got appointment but exotic vet wasn't there. Bear was checked,
they got on the phone with exotic vet (her day off). They thought
blocked prostate, and pulled urine from him (in the back without me
there). Urine came clean -- no infection. I asked for Baytril just
incase it was a urinary infection ... was told No, he is just fine,
up the Pred again, to 1 mg in AM and PM. The next AM, there was
light pink blood pee spots all over their ferret room ... when I
picked up Bear his belly was the same color all over. Took back to
same vet, and she said sometimes that happens with urine being
pulled. Got back on phone, took X-ray and ultra-sound and prostate
and bladder looked fine. I asked for earmite to be check, because
he had also been laying his head on the floor where the air
condition comes into each room. They said he was clear for mites...
no problem. More talk, maybe check into giving lupron (no outward
signs of adrenal), and meds for prostate. They did give me a
prescription for Baytril, before I left. I gave them all the
information I had saved regarding Propecia to give to pharmacy on

Monday evening Bear is still not good I went into vet again. After
three days in a row -- bill is now extremely large and I finally see
our ferret vet (part of why I went to their practice was they said
they would always have a ferret vet even on the weekends -- last
three weekends no ferret vet) ... get Lupron Depot 3 month, and also
get meds for 1mg. Prepecia for a month and then continuing Prepcia
compounded. After month over a month, Bear is still not doing well,
while cleaning all 7 ferrets ears, his were really really bad. A
few days later, there is extra dried stuff on outside. Next
decision ... go to different vet. Found vet, and Bear was again
checked for earmites, urine (he gave freely!!), and they found
yeast/bacteria in ears. I was given an ear wash, and Tresaderm.

It is now over 8 months ago, I felt like I did the right thing
getting his teeth cleaned, but he was so much healthier before
getting teeth cleaned!!

Can anyone give me an idea of a way to help Bear quickly?? Before I
go to the new vet, I want to go prepared with ideas.

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