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From: <>
Date: 2007-05-07 12:56:48 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] RE: red bruising

" red brusing????
>Posted by: "Natalie" ntaylor19692003
>Sun May 6, 2007 6:45 pm (PST)
>my ferret has inslonma and adrenal. He is approximatley 5 years old
>and is currently on prednizone and luprone injections. The hair loss
>of course at first wasn't too bad, but i discovered the adrenal when
>he wasn't urinating. Took him into the vet and we took care of that.
>Then he got his first lupron injection with that. By the 2nd
>injection he was growing back a lot of fur. He has been losing fur
>again. Now he had a shot just a month ago and still no growth, but
>just over the past week to two weeks he has this strange red brusing
>all over his body and itching a lot. It's not a rash, there's no
>rasied bump or anything. It's like something you would see on an
>elderly person. The vet said it looked similar to something that he
>has seen in cats and dogs (can't remember what he called it)and the
>treatment for it is prednizone. I love my vet and he really does try
>and does research but he has never seen this before and he really
>doesn't have that much experience with ferrets. The ferret was also
>again having trouble going potty on Saturday so off to the vet
>again. My ferret was given a steroid shot and another lupron shot.
>He is going potty again, at first his stool was kinda black and
>tarry and today it's looking a little more normal. He urinated this
>morning on my blue carpet and there was blood in it. Now tonight it
>appears that his urine is back to being yellow. So with all that
>said..... does any one have any idea about this red brusing?? I
>don't know how else to describe it and i am really bad with computer
>stuff so i don't think i could even take a pic and post it. I'm
>afraid it may be time for my baby to go to rainbow bridge. it's
>killing me."

I personally would have bloodwork done ASAP and have it sent stat. One of my previously-active adrenal rescues developed petechiae (which it kind of sounds like you may be describing-small red bruises all over her body) acutely, and when we checked her bloods, we found that she was severely anemic, with a packed cell volume of about 12-15 if I recall. Normal PCV for a ferret is between 45 and 60%, and she needed an immediate transfusion. She got the transfusion, and her PCV improved, but she still needed another one the next day, and never really recoverd. She died within three days of developing the petechiae.

I am not trying to scare you, but I would insist on bloodwork right away and ask them to send it stat. My Holly was not acting sick upon first development of the bruising, but it progressed very quickly because she was bleeding internally. We also did xrays to evaluate her for fluid, which we also did see. We could not stabilize her enough for surgery, unfortunately... (we had only been waiting to do her adrenal surgery until another one had gotten his, and she was on Lupron as well).

This may very well not be what's going on with your guy (I hope not) but it is possible, and bloodwork won't hurt, as it also may help figure out what else it might be if you rule out a bleeding or clotting problem. We weren't ever sure if her problem was a clotting disorder or if she had just been left with adrenal disease for too long (but her bloodwork wasn't that bad when I took her in, so adrenal-related anemia may not have been the issue, especially as the onset was so acute). She did not appear to have any internal injuries, but that might be a possibility as well for what is being seen.

Additionally, if it is related to his being adrenal, it sounds as though the Lupron isn't really cutting it in his case (it is not curative) and it may be time to think about surgery instead if that is an option for you. Recurrent trouble urinating, this possible anemia/blood problem, losing fur again all sound like the disease is outdoing the Lupron.

Best of luck,

April (vet tech and ferret owner)

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