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From: "Laura"
Date: 2008-05-08 18:51:10 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Second visit to the very unpopular vet #2... (Herb)

Every thing checked out OK as far as general health but this vet noted enlarged lymph
nodes in the shoulder region (subscapular?) He gave Herb an antibiotic shot and sent us
home with antibiotic drops and instructions to get rechecked either by him or my other vet
in 1 week.

I did ask him to clarify about his suggestion of using steroid therapy. Let me make it very
clear up front before I get back lash from anyone here - I am not taking the steroid
therapy. I wanted to hear what this vet had to say about his use of steroids - that is all.

Generally speaking he was pretty defensive in his remarks. He even spoke over me a few
times. When I mentioned that I was doing my own research he immediately said the the
Internet is worthless unless you go to reputable medical sites. Which I said I did - but was
barely allowed to get that in and I wanted to add that I got so many responses from DVM's
here (which I think is a credible source) but was not allowed to get that out as he was
talking over me at that point. I did my best to approach the matter in as non-threatening,
non-confrontational way as I could muster. I explained that I was researching and wanted
to really understand "how" the steroids were supposed to work. He gave me a list of what
the steroid is supposed to do -- it's effects: improves appetite, boosts activity and
reduces swelling (referring to the prostate) I explained that I wanted to understand exactly
"how" it worked and he said there is much information on 'how' lupron works either. But,
he mentioned in a round about way that it stops something after the hormone is released
-- I'm pretty confused too at this point and I try to reiterate to see if I understand and say
so it does affect the hormones that are released by the glands in the body? No. So, it
"stops" a reaction that happens as a result of the hormones released? I got a weird look
and a "...reaction? What reaction"? I felt like he wasn't really trying to work with me here on
understanding this. Then he makes an analogy -- It's doesn't affect the hormone
production it stops the manifestation of what the hormones do (I think, that's how it went)
then he said, "like brakes in a car, the brakes don't start the car, they stop it". So,
everything is clear as mud to me now. He spoke of the side effects of Lupron (many
unwanted and some irreversible), I have not read that much on side effects yet. He
compared the two, Lupron and Steroids -- Steroids where the standard back in the day
but like so many things in the medical community new things come out and because they
cost more ("sounds bad but it's true") they go with the new thing. He said that Lupron
"causes" hair loss (That I have not heard before) and Steroids do not and the Steroids don't
have the negative side affects that Lupron does. He agreed that Lupron is a good
alternative to surgery he doesn't discourage me from using it.

He rattled on about a lot of stuff regarding Lupron vs. Steroids. I did my best to capture
the point that I wanted from him. I don't feel comfortable with him when he gets defensive
like I "feel" he did. He obviously doesn't support me in researching the options and really
wanting to understand "how" these drugs I'm giving my animal work. I feel like he wants to
just tell me what his "wisdom" dictates should be Herbs course of treatment and I'm just
supposed to sit back and be in awe of his superior wisdom. NO, that is not how I work. I
like to be proactive and I like to understand what is going on. Be honest and open with me
and I will appreciate that, respect that. But, become defensive and talk over me, dare I say,
talk down to me because I'm challenging your suggestion? Lost all respect on the spot.
That "bedside" manner that was spoken of before about him -- goes by the wayside if you
question his methods. I even got a weird vibe from the vet tech working the front desk.
There was a poor old dog outside the owner was trying to get her to come in and the dog
was resisting. Dog was old and very arthritic, but looking in every different direction
except towards coming into the vet office. Owner trying intently to coax her in. I made a
comment to the vet tech "Oh, she must know bad things happen here, huh?" I mean, what
dog LIKES coming in for a shot? What animal LIKES that? That is what I was insinuating.
The vet tech responded a little snotty like saying "NO, most of the time the dogs beat the
owners to the door, she's just old" Well, OK then. Sorry for opening my mouth. I just don't
feel comfortable there -- it was a great experience the first visit I will admit. They were
very lovely people then. But, it seems if you question them they turn on you real quick.
You'd think they'd have that part down pretty good. I've got to find that person who
recommended this vet and ask them what they see in him.

Oh, one more thing - he said that Melatonin used to be popular but now its falling by the
wayside, out of favor. I had not heard that either.

Laura (making the follow up appoint for Herb and his enlarged lymph nodes with vet #1)


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