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From: Ferretwise
Date: 2009-12-29 00:50:09 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] Need help! Vet is at a loss!

Bloods earlier on would have helped identify the culprit... if it
were infection, BG related or lymphoma.

If the ferret is currently not eating ( or not eating enough) the BG
value will be low and not necessarily because he has insulinoma.

I would suspect a trichobezar first off ( hairball)
That will cause irregular stools and later lack of appetite, teeth
grinding etc.
A barium xray would be required to detect a blockage or paretial
blockage as a regular x ray does not detect a hairball ( the density
is the same as healthy body tissue - and quite often what you see is
gas bubbles -- another indication of blockage).

The hind end weakness you have seen of late is most probably
attributed to weakness from lack of nutrition.

If the ferret is not eating (or not eating enough) then the meds for
the infection / mites, etc. , may be making him nauseas-- fueling a
cycle of not eating.

I would suspect the ferret could possibly have an ulcer like
condition either caused by helicobacter ( bacteria) or
hairball. Sucralfate suspension is necessary 4-6 times a day 15-20
mins before eating to help this condition.

The loss of bowel control and hind leg condition and labored
breathing are ALL suspect to blood clot on the spine- or cardiac
issues. Did the vet detect any murmurs or other arythmia at the last check?

In our experiences, sedation can cause liver issues in a ferret that
is not eating well. An experienced vet should be able to draw blood
without sedation.

Sending good wishes your way.
Alicia , shelter MOm

At 07:11 PM 12/28/2009, you wrote:
>Basic breakdown is as follows....
>First, he started out with some diarehea and I attributed it to the
>Ferravite I was giving him when I fed the new fuzzies we adopted. He
>had never had it before, so I figured it was that. Then I noticed it
>was dark green and thought maybe he had ECE. He had lost a
>significant amount of weight at this point and was very dehydrated,
>but was still eating and drinking from what I saw. So off to the vet
>we go. After a fecal test and exam, we find he had an ear infection,
>ear mites and some sort of bacterial infection in his belly. So we
>leave with amoxicillan for his belly, drops for his ear infection
>and mite meds for all the fuzzies. We also got IV fluids and a
>vitamin shot for him there. He seemed a little happier later that
>night, but had stopped eating all together, so we started the soups
>on him. He took it at first, but now it has seemed to progress to
>not taking it and so we are doing force feeding with soupies. Since
>we have been to the vet, he has also lost all bowel control, has
>severe hind leg weakness (he just drags himself by the front and I
>have to help him in and out of his hammock), on and off labored
>breathing, grinds his teeth constantly, and pawing at his mouth. The
>vet didn't want to get blood from him initially due to his condition
>and the sedation he said he would have to use. The idea was to treat
>the symptoms and hope that it improves him enough to be able to get
>blood without a risk from sedation.
>I am thinking it seems more and more like insulinoma, but being that
>I am not a vet, I could be way off. We will be getting a BG result
>tomararow though, so I guess that will tell us then. Also, if this
>matters, he is about 6 years old and we feed EVO ferret and give
>cooked treats of turkey, beef, chicken, etc and he has always been deaf.
>I would like to know what you guys think it could possibly be? Our
>vet is at a loss as to what to do at this point and it seems no
>matter where I have gone with my fuzzy babies, the vets here in
>Phoenix don't seem to know a terrible amount about treating ferrets.


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