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From: eri garner
Date: 2009-09-19 20:37:57 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Diazoxide (Proglycem)

Well, two of my kids, Indy and Kitty, were diagnosed last month with
insulinoma only a week apart. We started both on pred (Indy 0.15ml 1x/day;
Kitty 0.10ml 1x/day). We added Proglycem a few weeks later (both at 0.10

[Moderator's Note: with meds that have multiple concentrations like
Prednisolone not including the concentration -- which will be in
mg/ml does not give the amount of medication, so it is not possible
from what was said to know how much med is being given.

Notice the 0 put before decimal points above. That prevents people
from missing the decimal point and is a good practice to follow.

The active period of Prednisolone is about 9 hours so giving it only
once a day can allow dangerous dips if insulinoma is anything but mild.
That is why it is usually given twice a day, sometimes 3 times per day,
with the dose split. See the poster's comment on that score below.]

Indy has not had any seizures/zone-outs at all; Kitty has had several, the
last one two weeks ago today. I started splitting her Pred dose in half and
giving it to her 2x/day.

However, the addition of the Progly seems to have helped them both. Both
are more playful, more alert, and more active than previously they had been
for a couple of months. I think that the diarrhea they experienced for
several days was as a result of the Proglycem, because it now has pretty
much cleared upl they've been off of Immodium for a week with no recurrent

One week after putting Indy on the Progly, he was considerably more active
-- as soon as he'd eaten, he took off and tore through his 40-foot-tube
"Tower of Terror" (homemade version of the "Tower of Fun") not once, but
twice. He's done the same thing several times this week as well.
Coincidence? Possibly -- but Kitty, too, has been livelier, more playful --
even wrestling with her brother for the first time in weeks the other day.
she also has again started giving kisses, again being my little "kissy

Indy also is the ferret who nearly choked to death the Saturday of Mother's
Day weekend. He has not been able to walk since. He was tested for
insulinoma that day as well as on his next vet visit a week or so later;
both times, his BGs were normal (above 100). Now, however, it *appears*
that he is using his legs better -- actually arching his back when he moves,
getting his feet under him better, and not "flopping" as much when he
propels forward -- just within a week of putting him on the Progly. He is
by no means walking "normally" again, but in my opinion, and the opinions of
both my husband and my vet, he seems to be moving better than he had been.
Will he walk normally again? I doubt it. Is the Proglycem remotely
responsible? I have no idea, but the addition of the drug to his regimen was
interesting timing, to say the least. Am I going to throw up my hands and
praise the Almighty for this "miracle"? Meh...I'm delighted that my little
guy is moving better, and I'd be THRILLED if he could walk even 50% better
-- but I'm not comfortable saying that this is a miracle at this point.

[Moderator's Note:
Neural damage often heals slow over time, so that could be what
is being seen. With creatures as large as humans that can happen
over a space of years.]

I do, however, believe that he's had insulinoma longer than we thought, and I
actually do believe, at least a little, that this drug has helped him some.
As long as he eats and drinks well, is playful, interacts with his siblings,
and seems happy, I am content, drug or no drug. Even without the full use
of his hind legs, he's still our little guy, and we love him.

I don't know about using Progly *instead* of Pred -- but for the moment, at
least, I'm pleased with the addition of its use to the Pred for my two

Just my two cents..

~Eri in TX

[Moderator's Note: Diazoxide is the generic. Proglycem is the


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