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From: "suedvm96"
Date: 2010-05-16 13:11:56 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Re: URGENT: Extreme pain after 5 days post-op

I would use 0.25mg of reglan. Ferret tracts are usu pretty fast to begin w=
ith. I use cisapride orally in animals but have it compounded since it is =
not really available any other way. We use this a lot in small mammals. I=
think its action is better and lasts a bit longer then reglan.

I would ask your vet to look into IBD esp since he didn't biopsy. External=
look of the intestines or stomach can be normal and only biopsy is the way=
to diagnose. Using pred with carafate on board will allow him or you to a=
t least see if it makes a difference and if it does later you can reduce so=
me of the other meds. I think once she feels a bit better you might consi=
der the ulcer treatment for heliobactor with Biaxin and Amoxi but get thru =
some of this first. Putting one thing on top of another doesn't help us.

If the treatment he is doing is the same then adding one more thing can giv=
e him some illumination and the pred may do that.

Good luck I know you are in a tough place.

Dr. Sue
TLC First Animal Hospital
Chicag0, IL 60631

--- In, Julie <themoondancer811@...> wrote:
> Thank you so much for replying Dr. Sue,=C2=A0
> That is the exact treatment we were giving her the day she started to imp=
rove and the vet took her off of it! I even asked if we could put Pred in t=
he mix and=C2=A0he said we could but when I checked in this morning at the =
hospital=C2=A0she is NOT on it.=C2=A0Apparently he is trying to isolate the=
problem by controlling meds.
> =C2=A0I don't think my vet appreciates my suggestions and we both are los=
ing patience with each other.
> Question (for you and anyone else) You had said, "The reglan can be done =
3 times daily and if you want oral you can even use cisapride"=C2=A0 Do you=
know the approx. dosage of the reglan if I were to use it 3 times daily? S=
he is 1 pd 7 oz at the moment.
> Also, do you find the cisapride has less side affects than the reglan?
> =C2=A0
> The drug company says this-
> =C2=A0
> "While cisapride and Reglan are similar in decreasing gastroesophageal re=
flux, Reglan is more likely to cause nervous system side effects such as ji=
tteriness, insomnia, sedation, or anxiety."
> =C2=A0
> Thanks


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