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From: "firelasss"
Date: 2010-08-06 19:56:52 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Re: adrinal v bad spay

Thanks for that Tressie.

ok so we have had the scan and we have results, Isla is still at the vet sh=
e's not awake you i've to pick her up at 3.

The right adrinal is suposed to be larger than the left and the left is the=
one thats harder to remove coz its next to a main artery and the liver.

[The right adrenal is the one near the liver and the major vein (Vena Cava)=
so is usually the hard one to remove though some left ones get complicated=
due to non-standard reasons. Veins return blood toward the heart while ar=
teries take blood from the heart, and their structures differ from each oth=
-- Moderator]

Her left one is larger than the right she said it looks like the right one =
has shrunk and the left one is swolen becuse of the adverage sizes they sho=
uld be.

The vet said they cant do the op becasue she has never done it before and s=
hes not that happy about doing it on her left anyways. She would book her i=
n to get teh implant I explaned that although that masks the symtoms that d=
oes not tackel the illness .

[Not so. It depends on the type of disease present. If the growth is a st=
andard adrenal hyperplasia (overgrowth) then a Suprelorelin Implant (along =
with a melatonin implant if possible) could stall growth and remove or redu=
ce results of that growth. Even with a carcinoma it may slow the disease. =
Another option is Lupron DEPOT (again, preferably along with melatonin imp=
lant) with similar results.

For young to early-old ferrets of 5 or 6 years and below surgery is sometim=
es a better long term option, though. In that case it pays to find someone=
who can do surgery and then to do the medical approach when possible until=
then so that the ferret is not left untreated before surgery can be done.

She agreed and said yeah the tumer is still there getting bigger you just =
dont know about it the ferret dosent feel anything. I'm like shes only 4 I =
dont think thats a good way to deal with it. Tho im open to advice still.
So she phoned the [Name removed per rules] vet for me its the local vet sch=
ool and exotic specalist, they are well all about students, when our boa wa=
s there he cxame back with mites and they are offering =A3125 fee just to s=
ee Isla!!!! I'm like we were not charged that for our boa so i think they h=
ave made a mistake.
thats not including =A3200 for the op at that vet and they want to redo all=
the scanns and do some blood work as well that I will have to pay for.
I think even if i do decide to go for the op I will Take her to the other s=
pecialest in dunfimrlen they were nice last time i was there a few years ag=
o. The vet did say that Isla's adrinals were with in the normal range but t=
he right was at the very smallest it can be with the left at the very top e=
nd of what it can be and with the left being bigger than the right when its=
mernt to be smaller she thinks that definitly is whats wrong. Ps the vet j=
ust said to me the scan was largely inconclusive tho there is something wro=
ng with her arinals with the sizes beeing swaped around.

SEE i knew it was close I knew the scan might be inconclusive!
I'm so confused now. Please help

[Scans of adrenals often have confusing results. The
TN Panel makes more sense:

I assume that the investigation began due to symptoms?

Have causes like human hormonal replacement products on
the people's skin been eliminated as cause of symptoms, BTW?
That is less common but does happen.

-- Moderator]


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