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From: "JoanV"
Date: 2010-11-17 06:11:16 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Re: Strange reaction to a cortisone shot?

Thank you Dr. Sue!

You were right, the depo medrol deffinately made him knocked out and spacy. It wasn't an ulcer or heart problem, which was also suggested. He is back to being his wild-silly-self. Bouncing all over, wanting to go after my singleton, doing seak attacks on my legs, eating, etc.
But! of course now he is back to licking his sides again. I ment to mention he does not have diarrhea. Just strange poos now and then like most ferrets. Vet seems to think food I've got to figure out which food? Which ingredient? Not sure how to go about it now, they all eat/ enjoy the same three kibbles. They eat free feed in their room, not individually in seperate cages. But like I mentioned, it seems to have started...when I added Orijen to the mix. :( There is alot of 'crazy' ingreidents in that food. But they really like it...and it is cerified by the Glycemic research institute, pet food of the year 2009-2010.

Speaking of stool/quality....they all do those 'seedy' stools. Some more than most. The ones that do it more...are the ones raised on raw. Mice/ etc. And still eat them 3-4 days a week. I have seen some places say that they are caused by undigested grain, other forums say it's undigested fat. 'Fat lipids'. Well....if its fat, then why do 'they' say ferrets need kibble with such a high fat content...if they don't digest it? Won't that cause a strain on the organ that digests fats in the long run? Pancreas, I think? (it's late don't feel like looking it up..:)) Maybe the ones raised on raw just don't digest kibble well? The reason I see their stool consistancy so much easier than in because all their litterboxes around the house I just use paper towels in them .Litter in their room though. I feed EVO, Orijen and the new Wysong, Epigen, plus chicken, gizzards, hearts, eggs, soupies made w/ chix and rabbit, mice, some like Natures Variety raw.

Again, none are sick, all healthy, except Sid's little problem. :)

Joan and the Fuzzies
owned by ferrets since 1977!

--- In, "suedvm96" <suedvm96@...> wrote:
> Two types of reactions occur with pred or cortisone and often is dose dependent. They can get really spacey and knocked out and if it is the long acting injection then it may be a while to see if he gets better. The other type of reaction is bouncing off the walls which obviously that is not the case.
> Hope it resolves soon.
> Dr. Sue
> TLC First Animal Hospital
> Chicago, IL 60631

[I would not add a lot of weight to claims like
"pet food of the year" or immediately assume
that a fancy title of anything -- food, place,
group, etc. -- means anything at all beyond
an effort to impress by sounding better.

What you do is an elimination test. One by one
you removed INGREDIENTS which may be causing
it when possible, BUT when facing a food with
unusual ingredients it pays to just remove the
food type totally (including removing any spilled
or stashed food) in case anything in there is

Often what was just added does not matter,
because sensitivity builds over time, but since
they have been eating this for a while it could
well be one of the ingredients in there. Try
removing it and see what happens. Litter
additives, detergents, shampoos, room deodorants,
pollens, parasites, and more can all cause skin

Seedy stools mean an inability of the small intestine
to digest the fats in the diet fully. That tends to
indicate earlier small intestinal damage as from
infection, or to indicate a current infection. See
and also the excellent article by Dr. Bruce Williams
in the Ferrets USA 2011 Annual which is now on
the stands and in pet stores. Lipids means fats,
and if there is grain in the diet then that can get
caught up on such balls, while if there is not then
the balls will be just congealed fats so each ref is
right but not quite complete.

-- Moderator (SDC)]


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