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From: "Becky"
Date: 2010-12-17 21:24:22 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Puzzled over ill ferret

04/12/10 Ive just got back from xxxx last night and Xxxx at xxxx ferret res=
cue has been looking after my lovelies for me. Xxxx text me on the 29th nov=
asking me when did i last worm my guys. I told her i never had as i had al=
ways been told that everything goes through their system too fast for them =
to need worming. the reason for Xxxx's question was because she had noticed=
a bit of ribbony poop and occasional colour changes in the poo. aparently =
it started when i dropped them off. Xxxx kept an eye on it at first as it c=
ould have been due to being in a new place etc. We discussed options and de=
cided to give them panacur over a 3 days treatment plan. All of them were h=
appy and lively before and after the treatment. Xxxx weighed them to work o=
ut dosage and noticed that Tumble seemed to be a bit lighter. He had a bit =
of discharge on his nose but wasnt sneezing. By this time Xxxx had isolated=
all my ferrets away from the other ones. All of them are now better bar Tu=
mble. His poo was better according to Xxxx on the 2nd dec and Xxxx was feed=
ing him supplements and said he was a lot livelier. i asked her about the d=
ischarge and she said that there was none and that he had, had a slightly d=
ifferent poo to all the others. the supplement was a vitamin spray with con=
valescence support in it. He still wasn't 100% on the 3rd dec but had a pla=
y in the snow and seemed better. Xxxx moved him indoors to keep an eye on h=
im. all the other were now back to normal except tumble. last night Xxxx pu=
t tumble and ruffian in together as they had never been apart before and i =
suggested that as i thought that may be why tumble wasnt 100%. Both were cu=
ddled up in Xxxx's house and tumbles poo was still a bit up and down. Xxxx =
planned to take him to the vets today. this morning i got a text saying tha=
t Xxxx was booked into the vets at 2.30 but had to get an emergency appt in=
xxxxxxxx. she also said she was really sorry but he had taken a turn for t=
he worse this morning. i asked her how bad he is and she said that he has a=
black discharge and messed himself this morning. he also has a lot of wast=
ing which he didnt have last night. the two things Xxxx thinks it could be =
are either a internal problem or a hemorrhage. I have text and asked since =
how he is but havent received a reply yet.

04/12/10 Tumble is at the vets getting round the clock care. He is being st=
abilised with fluids and shock therapy. They are going to call me later but=
the next 24 hours will be crucial

04/12/10 hes also had blisters in his mouth this morning too so i'm thinkin=
g it may be ulcers

04/12/10 I just rang the vets and hes perked up and is trying to move aroun=
d. He's alot better than when he was first admitted.

04/12/10 Well he's in over night tonight, I will call the vets in the morni=
ng to see how he is doing

05/12/10 Just spoke to the vets. His temp is down and he is moving about an=
d eating a little bit. He's still on a drip and a/bs and they are going to =
keep an eye on him today as he has been sneezing and they want to make sure=
it doesn't turn into snuffles.

05/12/10 Tubbs is home Smile He's on baytril and flagyl and has some i/d fo=
od. We had a cuddle and he was quite curious about his surroundings. I then=
put him in his hospital cage and he instantly fell asleep and hasn't woken=
since (but is definatley breathing). The other hooligans are going nutty p=
laying in the shed and are bright eyed and bushy tailed Smile Cost of tumbl=
es treatment so far is =A3280 so a lot less than we thought! Thank God for =
pet insurance! I still think its an ulcer as he still has black tarry poop =
and is also teeth grinding. The vets however are treating it as an infectio=
n so i am being super vigilant on hygiene between the groups.

06/12/10 the reason for treating it as an infection is because on the blood=
results the white blood cell count came back very high and also so did the=
kidney levels. I am to ring on thursday with an update on him. If he doesn=
't get any better re grinding teeth and black poop then he's gotta go back.=
I mentioned about helicobacter mustelae and voiced my concerns about ulcer=
s. He reassured me that it would take a while for everything nasty to come =
out of his system

07/12/10 Poo looks less black today and he played with a ball earlier. I ha=
ve been letting him walk up the stairs to help him build muscle mass. He al=
so had a wander round my room this morning and then took himself to bed

08/12/10 He did a green poo today with a little bit of blacky brown in it

09/12/10 We have our first small but certainly brown poo

10/12/10 Tumble is doing really well. More brown poops and much more active

Since the 10th of Dec Tumble hasn't been eating properly and is still tooth=
grinding when eating and drinking. Tonight the tooth grinding got a lot lo=
uder and worse so i am wondering if it could be to do with a dental problem=
? Back to vets tommorow providing we can get through in the snow!

Thankyou for reading this. The full thread can be read here and there is al=
so his blood results on there to.

[Xxxx's are from moderator editing the original post. I wasn't sure if the=
party referred to had given permission for their name to be posted here, b=
ut I wanted to get the message out in a timely manner. The identity of the=
person is not important for the medical case. -Pam S.]


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