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From: "AnimalLover"
Date: 2011-01-07 15:54:28 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Havn't Been On for a while...

It's been a few months since I last posted, ( 1 time -.- ), but I wanted to let everyone know the update on the kids and than ask a few questions.

Update- Monster had to have a increase on prednisone. 0.6 cc morning, 0.3 in the afternoon. Yesterday I tested his blood to come out to 51 which is just after his medication. The adrenal he has is paused I guess. He shows no signs of hair growth but doesn't have hair loss. But the insulinoma seems to be getting worse. He has a huge pred belly, liver/spleen (forgot which is the common one), sleeps majority of the time, and now his blood glucose was in the 50's. No seizures yet but he makes me worried. He does still have life in him. I started to take two at a time weekly walks and he loves to just lay in my arms and look at the world. Kind of how a sick patient wants to sit outside in the sun when he/she can't walk. But I worry that this is the end of the road for him. He's 5-7 yrs old and has lived here 2 yrs. Insulinoma & adrenal since last yr.

Can others share a bit of what the final days were for their insulinoma or adrenal kids? I want to know what to look out for. I'm reading from this forum and another but a list of experiences would help me alot.

What are the typical ending signs of Adrenal? liver failure..loss of apetite...etc. I'm not picking you guys over vet assistance but rather learning from others about how these cancers take over in the end.

Second Update- Dingo is the same age as monster but with adrenal. He's doing fine energy wize and will play if rilled up long enough. But he keeps getting shealth infections, ( meds provided by my vet ), and has lost atleast 5 oz since his lupron & Melatonin implant the 8th of december. I'm worried he won't gain it back or the stuff isn't working anymore. He came to me less than a lb, and than went to close to 3 lbs. I don't want him to get sick on me again. The poor boy has been through enough already and has finaly started to let me spend some time with him without him running off.

I heard kitten milk replacer is good to gain weight. Can I give some to both boys or is that a no-no for insulinoma. What is another type of weight gain holistic way?

Or could it be that the meds aren't working this time around? Lupron has never really worked but the melatonin did wonders last time around. So of course I combined them both hoping for the best and this is what I get. I'll talk to the vet of course but I like to do my research ahead of time. ^.^

Mother to 11 and 2 fosters.

[Why are you giving 2 different size doses?

What is the concentration of your Prednisone?
It will look like mg/ml on the bottle.
Without that it is impossible to know how much
med is being given.

Why are you giving Prednisone instead of Prednisolone?
If the liver is at all compromised the Prednisolone
will have more effect because the liver needs to
first change Prednisone to Prednisolone before it
can be used by the body.

Dosing in equal amounts every 12 hours is good,
but for many dosing in equal amounts every 8 hours
is better. More often than that should have no effect.

Has diazoxide been considered (generic of Proglycem
and not only cheaper but usually easier to find.

Has surgery been considered?

What is being done for his adrenal disease now? Suprelorin
implant? Melatonin implant? Lupron Depot? A combo
of the melatonin with one of the other two? Lupron depot
comes in a 4 month size which usually lasts 3 months in
ferrets and a one month version; the melatonin implant is
3 months so has that time come and gone or not?

Don't assume that the big belly is from the Pred. Adrenal
disease causes fat redistribution in ferrets to a pear shape
and loss of muscle tone (and a number of worse things)

Your vet will sell a/d or Carnivore Care, either of which is
a much better way to add weight, but if the adrenal disease
is not under control enough a ferret simply WILL have
that pronounced pear shape with thinness in the thorax and
a fat abdomen.

-- Moderator]


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