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From: "hemfcf"
Date: 2011-01-23 02:29:45 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Cysts, Lymphoma, or something else?

Hi Sheryl. These bumps may be either lymph nodes or fat. Ferrets deposit a lot of fat around their lymph nodes which may worry some vets that aren't used to that as other species do not tend to do that. The fat tends to feel softer than the actual lymph node itself. You can usually find a discreet nodule (which is usually the node) and a big blob (which is usually the fat). A ferret with lymphoma generally has more than one lymph node enlarged. Just one enlarged node generally indicates an infection in the area that this node drains. There are 3 major groups of lymph nodes vets usually palpate (which you can too) and peripheral nodes come in pairs. The first is the submandibular nodes which are just behind the jaw. There are also salivary glands here so you have to make sure you are feeling the lymph node. The next is the prescapular nodes which are just in front of the shoulder blades. The last is the popliteal nodes that are the back aspect of the thigh. There a
re mesenteric lymph nodes which are within the tissue connecting all of the intestines that can be felt by palpating the belly. These can be enlarged with chronic, low grade infections (like helicobacter) or IBD, or even the stress of chronic disease (like adrenal disease). Definitely getting your boy to a ferret knowledgable vet is the next best plan. Generally aspirates of nodes in ferrets aren't helpful and sometimes these nodes don't give up cells easily and a lot of times it is the fat that is aspirated. I have dones biopsies of what I thought was the node and have gotten only fat. It is recommended the whole node be removed and sent for histopath to be sure. Good luck!!
Dr. Heather

--- In, "tncshryl" <miwok34@...> wrote:
> My 7 year old PVF, Mojave, has something that feels like a cyst under his skin between his armpit and his sternum. It is palpable and does not seem to bother him.
> The first nonferret experienced vet I went to a couple of months ago thought it might just be a fatty deposit even though to me it feels more like a cyst.
> A couple of weeks later I took him to a second non ferret experienced vet. This vet said that he's not sure but it could be a lymph node. He then felt around his other lymph nodes and found another tenny tiny lump under his neck. He said that it could just either be an infection or it could be lymphoma. He also said that he could do a biopsy but I think he said that he wasn't sure just how to perform one on a ferret. He did take Mojave's weight and noted that it hadn't changed from the last visit.
> It has grown since then and a couple of nights ago I found another tiny lump by his back leg.
> He does have adrenal disease and except for a temporary liver issue a couple of months ago he seems healthy for his age.
> I've been trying to find a way to get up to the ferret knowledgeable vet but because I don't drive I am having a very difficult time trying to find a way up there.
> Any help or insights you can give is greatly appreciated. I've never had a ferret with Lymphoma so I do not know if what I'm looking at is lymphoma, cysts, infection, or something else. My dog used to get multiple cysts so I am just not sure.
> Thank you in advance,
> Sheryl


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