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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2011-02-13 16:55:48 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] accredited compounding pharmacies and finding compounded pharmacies (including which are accredited)

There are things for which I do not use compounding pharmacies, for example preferring a generic version of Pediapred which the local A&P Pharmacy a half hour walk away carries because the ferrets who used to get it preferred that one and it certainly worked well, but there are definitely things for which we DO prefer compounding pharmacies. There are still other meds we prefer to get from our vets. All three are good places to use for the right reasons at different times.

There is nothing wrong with meds being either dissolved or suspended in liquid unless a person can not shake a bottle well for the latter or can not see the bottle well enough. I am not sure why anyone would otherwise find that worrisome.

DO realize that the types of flavors available from compounding pharmacies which are used to performing that work for animals has a wide range.

TIP on a suspended medication for regular pharmacies and veterinary hospital pharmacies: Not all regular pharmacies and not all techs realize that liquid Carafate needs to be incredibly well shaken before measured out. Then, of course, at home it also needs to be shaken well. If it is not extremely cloudy when shaken then there is little medication in there and the person who measured it out did not put in the time to shake the large bottle really well so take it back to the pharmacy and have them try again or you could wind up with too little med in the fluid to do any good. BTW, our ferrets historically seem to mind properly mixed Carafate less than the more dilute stuff and are certainly helped more by getting the right dosage.

There IS a lot wrong with splitting pills at home. Even when a medication is supposed to be able to be split and even when experts do so using a pill splitter a study this year found quite a bit of variation in the dose results:
More serious is that not all pills are supposed to be split. If there is not a cutting mark on the pill then that means that the manufacturing process for that med does not include a lot of mixing. Cutting such pills can result in differences so extreme that there can be almost no medication with one dose and then an overdose with the next one. Those meds need to be finely ground, very, very well mixed, and then each dose carefully measured. Not all medications can result in dangerous results when an UNscored pill is split but some can wind up with fatal consequences.

Not all meds can be exposed to light, heat, or humidity. Some can not be exposed cold (including refrigeration). Some can not be given with certain things, for example, some will be destroyed by being in water or exposed to saliva, while some others should not be given with oil, some should not be given with foods high in certain mineral, etc. Basically, what works for one med can NOT be assumed to be safe for another med. Medications vary widely. Hey, that is why advanced schooling is needed to know how to become a pharmacist.

To find compounding pharmacies for your ferrets just go to the compounding pharmacies list in
and click it open. Pam Sessoms, who is one of the FHL moderators and owners, and the FHL membership have done such a great job on this list that I know of people who use and recommend the list for finding pharmacies for children, too.

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding -- or I guess more limited knowledge -- of the very many specialized tasks a compounding pharmacy does and the specialized knowledge and techniques involved. Here is an excellent article from 2007 on the specialized accreditation for compounding pharmacies and more:

Finding a compounding pharmacy in the U.S. which has met those rigorous standards or checking to make sure that one really has done so:

There is a bit more info, too, in this old post:

Much more has been already addressed about medication in the FML and the FHL. The Archive URLs for both are in my sig lines. Also, the FML Archive URL can be found in the header of each day's FML, and the FHL Archive URL or link is available in multiple places in the FHL including at least twice on the FHL homepage.

Sukie (not a vet)

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