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From: "Jeff"
Date: 2011-02-14 04:52:09 UTC
Subject: Re: [ferrethealth] 7 yr Old Ferret with Insulinoma - Not eating
To: <>


A few things I=E2=80=99d suggest doing to prevent further seizures and =
improve your ferret=E2=80=99s nutrition:

First, switch from prednisone to liquid prednisolone. There are several re=
asons for this, but basically it=E2=80=99s easier on the ferret=E2=80=99s s=
ystem and works in some ferrets when prednisone does not. Also, instead of=
giving him the med twice daily, every 12 hours, go to 3 times daily, every=
8 hours. This will keep a more steady flow of the pred in his bloodstream=
and lessen or prevent windows of time when he might be unprotected by the =

Prednisolone can be inexpensive if purchased in the right place. I used to=
pay a lot by purchasing thru a local pharmacy, then I switched to a pet ph=
armacy in Arizona and, on a per milligram basis, it ended up costing me abo=
ut 1/5 as much, and it worked just as well.=20

Also, Hill=E2=80=99s A/D is NOT nutritionally complete for a ferret. For a=
short time it=E2=80=99s okay, but not as a regular, long-term food. Perha=
ps if you mix it with something like Uncle Jim=E2=80=99s Duk Soup or Nupro =
or ground ferret kibble, and make a soup out of it all by adding some wate=
r and heating to warm (not hot) in a microwave. You can also supplement a =
probiotic like Forti-Flora or BeneBac or acidophilus to aid in digestion. =

Are you having his blood glucose tested regularly? You need to do this so =
that you can know when to increase his daily dosage of prednisolone BEFORE =
he has a seizure. If properly managed thru diet and meds, you should be ab=
le to prevent him from having seizures by keeping his blood glucose at an a=
ppropriate level. You can usually also tell if his BG is low simply by his=
activity level and behavior, but if you don=E2=80=99t have a lot of experi=
ence with this, then I would not recommend this as the only way of monitori=
ng him.

Carafate usually helps in healing ulcers, which can sometimes result from s=
tress, other illnesses, or long-term use of prednisolone. IF you use caraf=
ate, be sure to separate it from other meds by an hour or more, and give it=
at least 20 minutes before food to give it a chance to work.=20

In Loving Memory of Neo, Trinity, Morphy, Possum, Pip, Pop, Sabrina, Minnie=
Mouse, Misty, Frodo, Baggins, and Mr. Parker
Caring for Luna, Baby Girl, Dozer, and Hunny

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