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From: "Jeff"
Date: 2011-02-15 00:45:03 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Suddenly Sick Ferret
To: "Ferret Health List" <>

My girl Hunny, who I got from the Humane Society about 4 months ago, is bli=
nd and has adrenal disease. At the time she was also very thin and weak. =
She=E2=80=99s since put on weight and a lot of strength, and over all has b=
een doing very well. She is approx. 4 =E2=80=93 5 years old. Up until thi=
s morning, she was plugging along, seemingly relatively healthy, considerin=
g her blindness and adrenal disease. She comes out of her cage 3 times da=
ily for soup and playtime, during which sometimes she has more energy than =
others, but always she=E2=80=99s alert, fairly strong, stable, and enthusia=
stic about her soup.=20

She got a 500 mcg 4-month Lupron Depot shot about 2 months ago, and is sche=
duled for another one tomorrow, as I feel that the first shot helped, but n=
ot enough. My vet does not currently have Deslorelin implants. She also =
got a melatonin implant 3 months ago.=20

All of a sudden this morning she was in some distress. At soup time at =
10 am she did not awaken to the sound of my voice. When I took her out, sh=
e was limp, and she was unstable when standing to eat her soup. She ate sl=
owly and needed to sit in my lap to finish. She then was unstable on her f=
eet and when I held her for about 30 minutes after that she had the shakes =
and was making grunting/whining sounds as if in pain. She never really imp=
roved much during the day as I checked on her periodically. The same thin=
g has happened tonight, and now she is just lying in bed, limp, but breathi=
ng normally and without the shakes or grunting noises, but clearly very wea=
k and not herself.

She ate most of her soup tonight, and I also gave her 1 mg of prednisolo=
ne, thinking that if this is insulinoma rearing its ugly head, that the sou=
p and pred would help. They have not, which leads me to believe it may not=
be blood glucose related. She does have a vet appt. tomorrow at 1:00 pm f=
or the Lupron, and I will have her BG tested, but at this point I=E2=80=99m=
not sure she will make it thru the night. She also feels a bit cold to me=
, in terms of body temp, although she=E2=80=99s not shaking. But she remai=
ns limp, and will just lay in my lap without moving. Normally, she=E2=80=
=99ll squirm and want to get up and move about.

PLEASE send any ideas to me if you have experienced anything like this.=
Could it be adrenal related? She=E2=80=99s never had an ultrasound or x-=
ray, but when checked by the vet shortly after I got her (4 months ago), he=
felt no tumors or anything out of the ordinary. The suddenness of this ha=
s me very concerned, as I=E2=80=99ve never experienced this with insulinoma=
or adrenal disease, and she=E2=80=99s shown none of the signs of lymphoma =
that I=E2=80=99ve experienced in the past, either.=20

In the interest of time, PLEASE send any responses directly to me, as we=
ll as to the FHL if you prefer.

In Loving Memory of Neo, Trinity, Morphy, Possum, Pip, Pop, Sabrina, Minnie=
Mouse, Misty, Frodo, Baggins, and Mr. Parker
Caring for Luna, Baby Girl, Dozer, and Hunny

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