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Date: 2011-03-12 19:45:28 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Digest Number 2146

Hi Jilli
The deslorelin (and melatonin) implant is white in color.
The green tint may be the skin glue used to close the hole
that the needle makes.
Jerry Murray, DVM

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1. Yeast /bacteria back of tongue bumps- anyone experienced this in a f
From: Rob
2. Implant question
From: J Clark
3a. Re: Essiac and Lassix (anyone have experience)
From: Ferrethealer

. Yeast /bacteria back of tongue bumps- anyone experienced this in a f
Posted by: "Rob" ragrdg2
Date: Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:07 am ((PST))
anyone here have experience with a ferret having a yeast/bactierial infection in
he back of tongue? Bumps & swab show bacteria & yeast. One ferret only about 3
ears old with reverse sneeze -gag, drew my attention so off to vet Fabio went.
xperience anyone?? he is now on Clav & mouth rinse -no idea where this came
rom ? noone sick- Food contamination? any experience with the symptoms please.

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. Implant question
Posted by: "J Clark" weasleluv
Date: Fri Mar 11, 2011 11:39 am ((PST))
Last week I had Deslorelin implants put into 2 of my ferrets. The little girl
ad a large opening left and the next day I checked her and there was something
rusty with what looked to be a green colored bit attached to the edge of the
pening. I didn't want to disturb it and kept an eye on her. I took her back
o the vet when I noticed it was not there though the vet said he could feel the
mplant under the skin. Today I can not feel anything at all and am now
ondering if what I saw (the green little bit) was in fact the implant having
ack out of the large hole left?
Can anyone confirm the color of these implants from Peptech? Is there any other
eans of knowing if the implants is there? This little girl has had an adrenal
lands removed last year so it's critical that she has hers in place. When I
heck the boy ferret, I can definitely feel his in place.
Thank you for any help or advice.
Jilli + 4
an Francisco,Ca

[Did your vet put surgical glue on top?
am trying to recall -- and might be
rong -- but I think that one of the
lues is between blue and green in
olor so what you see as green the
et might see as blue.
Implants do shift, and we've noticed that
ore in some individuals than others
o in some they have to be located
You can also send a mail to Peptech
nimal Health, which is on the web, to
sk about coloration.
-- Moderator]

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a. Re: Essiac and Lassix (anyone have experience)
Posted by: "Ferrethealer" chryssalys
Date: Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:07 pm ((PST))

hoever told you that Essiac "draws the cancer back to the original site" is
ncorrect, as that has no physiologic basis whatsoever. I have never seen the
eed to give Carafate for Essiac, although I do use it routinely with animals on
ong-term pred use.
Your dosing amounts are a little inconsistent and confusing to me - are you
iving 0.5 ml (half a cc) or the much smaller 0.05 ml amount?
Either way, I tend to use 1/2 to 1 ml per ferret per day.
Dr. Ruth

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