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Date: 2011-03-18 15:13:12 UTC
Subject: [ferrethealth] Re: Sugar now too high to continue prednisilone for Lymphoma

Hi Everyone,

Guiile has been doing very well since diagnosed with Lymphoma in the
lung (tumor). He has had a bad day here and there, but over all good
days. He was to the vet for his recheck yesterday and his chest xray
actually showed improvement with clarity in several areas of the lung
that was not there before. (i.e. less white on xray, less fluid). The
lump is still there.

He was being treated with Prednisilone (10mg/ml) 0.1cc 2x daily at 8a
and 8p. This was brought down from 0.15cc 2x because his sugar was
getting too high. He did have insulinoma prior to his lymphoma
diagnosis (then he got 0.01cc in the morning and 0.05cc at night). He
also gets Essiac (powder brewed to tea from Vitiamin store) 0.07cc 2x
daily (8a and 530p), and Lassix 0.01cc 1x daily.

At first diagnosed his sugar was 98. When we started the increased
prednisilone after we found out he had the chest tumor (0.15cc) his
sugar went to 214. We lowered the pred (0.05cc 2x) and it came down to
184...and then we gradually went back up (0.07cc, 0,09cc) and
eventually to 0.1cc 2x daily and he was good at a sugar of 134.

It was at this time he started to have a limping issue in the front
pass and the prednisilone was raised to 0.015cc 2x daily again. The
limp went away, but the sugar went up to 312, 254, so the prednisilone
was lowered back down to 0.01cc 2x daily and the sugar started to come
down, 209, 235 .

At this time we were devating what to do. As we needed to treat the
cancer more than the sugar issue. I was advised by one of our FHL vets
that a ferret could tolerate a sugar of 250 and under. So we kept the
0.01cc (10mg/ml) 2x daily.

The sugar started to creep up.... despite the fact that was lowered the
sugar down to as low as 0.05cc 2x daily. Our readings were 297, 342,

Our story now is

I was advised by one of our FHL vets to skip a dose of the pred and let
the sugar come down...

I did that and in the morning (after skipping the pm dose) the sugar
was 222, so I gave his 0.05 cc, which brought the sugar up to 381.
(Please note that I am checking these sugars at 8a dn 8p so these are
12 hours spans). (I gave it hear because the breathing and limping was
acting up, and he improved).
I was advised to stop the prednisilone until the ssugar came down to
under 200. After 17 hours the sugar came down to 195 so I gave the
0.,05cc dose of pred.

Doing so brought the sugar up at 8 pm (which would be only 1 dose of
0.05cc in a 24 hours span and only a total of 0.1cc in a 48 hour span,
when he USED to get with just Insulinoma a total of 0.15cc in a 24
hours span with no problems) to 459 on my freestyle meter (the one
I had been using) and over 500 on my Alphatrak veterinary meter. I
checked the urine for keytones with a dip stick and there were none.

I was advised by one of our FHL vets not to give prednisilone again
until the sugar came down to 90, and if it had by this morning to wait
till tonight to give it and to give only 0.05cc. However this am the
sugar wa 342 on the freestyle and 464 on the Alphatrak. So once again
NO PRED which is really worrying me.
Guille was doing very well, however .....breathing ok, legs good, no
keytones in urine check....... so we were to wait it out and see if we
could get the sugar down by stoppig pred and then gradually get the
pred back up to 0.01cc 2x daily. However, he is starting to breathe a
little worse today and limp.

I dont know what to do from here..... any advice, suggestions, past
expereinces with this are welcome.

If we cant go back to prednisilone the plan is to go to oral Cytoxin
(chemo) and Essiac. Anyone have experince with Cytoxin and Essiac. I
do not want to stop the Essiac and as a matter of fact, it should lower
the blood sugar.

I am sorry this is so long. I wanted to explain it cearly.

Today is Guille's 8th birthday!

Thank you all so much,

Judy and Guille (Gee-Jay)


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